Here Are Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

It can take 10 – 20 mins at most. This is because the transaction is routed through a few liquidity sources to get you the best rate. Keep the status screen open after you send the initial deposit to stay updated on the current status.

As of right now, we try to add only highly liquid coins or gaming specific coins that have longevity and good fundamentals based on our internal analysis. No brand new coins will be added until they have proven themselves over time.

SPS – Binance Smart Chain – Watch video guide here

AXS – ERC-20 Ethereum L1 and BSC

SAND – Polygon (Matic)

MATIC (Polygon) – Ethereum L1

Polygon is currently supported for many tokens. Ronin is not yet supported and we do plan on supporting alternate L1 chains and L2s in the future.