How to Cash Out of Splinterlands SPS or Exchange Crypto to Get More

September 21, 2022

STEP 1 – Select SPS in the first drop down. Select the crypto you want to swap to in the second dropdown. Click EXCHANGE NOW.

STEP 2 – Initiate the exchange and copy the Binance Smart Chain address that is provided to complete the swap

Next, visit the Splinterlands website and click on your SPS dashboard.

This dashboard shows your SPS balance and any claimable staking rewards.

sps token dashboard

From here, follow the video instructions below. The video shows an older dashboard, but the method still applies.

You will need to use “Manage Wallet” and “Transfer” from the above screenshot.

Essentially, you will click “Transfer” and put the provided BSC address in “Manage Wallet.” This will allow Splinterlands to send SPS to the intended destination on your behalf.

Then you will receive the crypto you wanted to your own receive address.

Note: You should remove this BSC address from your wallet after each swap, just to be sure.

This is a great way to pay yourself, or put someone else’s address as the recipient to pay them in one of the available currencies!